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All About Forkdrift

and Endless Suffering

Have you ever wanted to flip your friends? Well now you can! Forkdrift is an indie action game where you control a forklift with a serious drive for competition. This vehicular action game has its own goofy twist, featuring physics-based shenanigans and strange, customizable forklift pieces. Players compete online in one of two major game modes. Whether working alongside teammates or fighting for yourself, the mayhem of drifting, tipping, and crashing with reckless abandon is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Do you have what it takes to steer your team to victory?

Forkdrift was developed by Endless Suffering, a dedicated team of undergrad students that completed development of Forkdrift during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has meant changing all of our development practices and techniques halfway through development in order to transition to working remotely. Despite this, we were able to soldier on by keeping the goal of providing a fun, complete, exciting game at the forefront of the team's mind. We are all proud of our work and hope you will enjoy Forkdrift as much as we do!

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The Endless Suffering Team

Thanks to everyone for working on this to make it the best it can be.
P.S. Hire Us!!!

Abs Harrop

Lead Designer, Lead UI Designer & Artist, Assistant Level Designer

Adam Clarke

Product Owner, Lead Programmer, Repo Manager, Build Manager, Network Programmer, Vehicle Programmer

Alex Mannion

Lead Artist, Enviornment/Technical Artist, Lead Level Designer for Lumberyard, Forklift Designer & Artist

Colton Soneson

Graphics Programmer, Environment Programmer, Vehicle Programmer, Lead Lighting Designer

Grady Mayo

Lead Programmer, Camera Programmer, Dynamic Level Objects Programmer, VFX Programmer, Programming Documentation

Matt Randolph

Lead Level Designer for Shipyard, Bug Tester

Max Weintraub

Mechanics Designer, QA Manager, User Research Lead

Nick Alibrio

Co-Producer, Public Relations Manager

Roland Richardson

Forkdrift Logo Designer, Concept UI Artist

Scott Dagen

SFX Lead & UI/UX Programmer

Tessa Nelson

Assisstant 3D Environment Artist, Marketing Artist

Zach Frye

Co- Producer, Scrum Master, Community Manager

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